Blue Enzyme Toilet Bowl Cleaner @ JC Household [DELIVERY TO WEST MALAYSIA ONLY]

Reference: DLV

Blue Enzyme Toilet Bowl Cleaner @ JC Household [DELIVERY TO WEST MALAYSIA ONLY]

Reference: DLV
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JC Household Essentials 

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JC Household Essentials 

What Do You Get?

Ingredients: Fragrance, anion surfactant, citric acid, chelate agent, enzyme

Content: 120g

Use period/number of uses: About 1.5 to 2.5 months (This will vary depending on the use conditions.)

Liquidity: Neutrality

Powers of light blue water and enzymes dissolve stains and clean completely!

● Light blue water cleans toilet bowl only by placing it in the tank.

● Formulated enzymes which decompose persistent stains.

● Formulate chelate agent envelopes the source of water scales and yellowing to make it less contaminated.

● The standard use period is about 1.5 to 2.5 months. (This period will vary depending on the use conditions.)

● Can be used safely in toilets with septic tanks.

 How to use

● Take the chemical agent out from the mat board, and set the chemical agent horizontally, then slowly place it into the corner of the tank on the opposite side of the water supply tube (If it is placed near the drain port, clogging may result).

● Because your hand will be contaminated in blue, do not remove the film wrapping the chemical agent or do not handle it with wet hands (The film is dissolved in water and disappears.)

● Check that the chemical agent has dropped to the corner position after placing it into the tank.

● Do not flush water until the chemical agent is fixed at the bottom face (about five minutes).

● Use period and color density will vary depending on the water temperature, water flow and number of uses, etc.

Precautions for use

● Keep the product out of the reach of small children.

● Do not use the product for purposes other than intended.

● Be careful so as to prevent the chemical agent from adhering to clothing. If it adheres, immediately wash with water.

● This can also be used in toilets with a bidet, but cannot be used in a type which uses water in a toilet tank to clean a rear end. 

● Check the connection of the water supply pipe when moving the upper lid of the tank with hand washing.

● This cannot be used for simple flush toilets.

● Do not place another chemical agent until the chemical agent currently being used runs out.

● Avoid fire and direct sunlight and do not place the product in a place with high temperatures and humidity during storage.

The product cannot be used in the following tank and water-saving type tank.

1) Tank having narrow bottom and no space where the chemical agent is placed

2) Tank with inner lid

● If water is flushed before the chemical agent is fixed, if the chemical agent does not drop to the corner or if there is a strong water flow, the drain port may be clogged with the chemical agent.

● If the drain port is clogged and water continues to flow, stop water with a water shutoff-valve on the water supply pipe and wear rubber gloves to take out the chemical agent.

● If bubbles are formed in the tank by momentum of the water supply, adjust the water momentum with the water shutoff-valve (so that the tank is filled with water in about 90 seconds)

Terms & Condition

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  • Delivery within 7 working days upon successful redemption.

Return Policy

  • Contact Mesra Customer Service at 1-300-22-8888 for any defect/wrong size/wrong design/wrong color and etc WITHIN 48 HOURS after received the products.
  • No refund given if complaint made later than 48 hours after received the products

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15th May 2020 - 31st August 2020

Where You Can Redeem

The product will be deliver direct to your doorstep. Just wait and enjoy!

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